Amarone Bottega Designed by Denise Focil


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Amarone Bottega Designed by Denise Focil
Description from Designers :

“The renowned American designer Denise Focil has partnered with the award-winning  Italian wine maker Distilleria Bottega to create a luxury and stylish wine: Amarone Bottega, Il vino Prêt-á-porter.

The bottle features a white leather label and is nestled in a white leather case embellished with debossed black lettering: a collectible piece that reminds of a vintage suitcase. The case is enriched with metal studs (the latest, hottest fashion trend) and with a metal plaque with engraved the Alpinestars by Denise Focil logo.

When the Italian taste meets the Californian creativity, the result is a unique product that is considered to be the Louis Vuitton of wine bottles: classic and elegant, Amarone Bottega, Il vino Prêt-á-porter is the “ultimate Hostess Gift”.

The leather case and label are Denise’s signature touch, since her specialty is leather. She has been creating leather jackets for the Hollywood stars for almost a decade.

“I wanted to create a luxurious experience, starting from the packaging down to drinking this rich, supple wine! And what could be more chic than timeless, elegant white leather?”, says Denise Focil, explaining the idea behind the design of the Amarone Bottega Il vino Prêt-á-porter’s packaging .”

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Designed by Denise Focil, United States

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