Mayaland Coffee Designed by Renato Barrios


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Mayaland Coffee Designed by Renato Barrios
Description from Designers :

“Mayaland Coffee set out to become the leading world brand of Guatemalan Coffee. The idea was to create a compelling graphic image that could communicate the essence of Guatemala, a colorful and vibrant country that produces some of the best coffees in the world.”

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“The ancient Mayan heritage was taken as the basis, and the macaw birds were chosen for being remarkable and complex animals that create a striking contrast when flying over our dense forests and in our deep blue skies.”

“All of our coffees are direct trade and grown at high elevations in the Guatemalan mountains and volcanoes. Our concept of “Roasted at Origin” was also an essential feature to incorporate as its a new concept in the coffee industry used to define our production system that consists of maintaining close relationships with our farmers throughout the year and roasting the coffee in Guatemala, thus preserving coffee from staling due to long periods of storage, preventing it from suffering extreme altitude, temperature and moisture variations, and roasting them to their full potential at peak moments in their maturity process. The final outcome was Azul and Rojo, which are two sides of a spectrum, one lighter, one darker, always in balance as the forces of nature.”

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“The Mayaland Coffee logo contains the Macaw bird in the center of the Mayan Calendar signifying something that unites this balance with deeper cultural roots. The seven peaks in the logo were chosen as the number of perfection for the Mayan; being seven the symbolic number of completeness as four plus three is the union of day and night, also the union of man and woman. Seven is its own numeric value and it’s also one whole number, Mayans view this number as equivalent to eight thus emanating perfection and infinity.”

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Designed by Renato Barrios, Guatemala

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