EAT. Designed by BVD


Product Packaging Design EAT. Package Structure Design Modern Design Ideas EAT. Designed by BVD

EAT. Designed by BVD
Description from Designers :

“In 2006 EAT came back to Pentagram to ask us to undertake an evolution of their brand communication, in order to bring the company’s identity in-line with the way the marketplace had developed since the creation of their brand.
Pentagram produced a communications review, which recommended adding value to the brand by refocusing EAT’s tone of communication, emphasising their existing good business practices and adding a degree of flexibility to the core brand elements in order to keep the EAT identity fresh and vibrant on an ongoing basis.”

Sample EAT. Cardboard Box Packaging Design Images Gallery EAT. Designed by BVD

Unique EAT. Packaging Design Companies Firm Agenciess EAT. Designed by BVD

Cool EAT. Boxes Package Design Images EAT. Designed by BVD

Archive EAT. Packaging Design Pictures and Images EAT. Designed by BVD

Simple EAT. Brand Packaging Design Photos EAT. Designed by BVD

Green EAT. Package Design Examples Pictures EAT. Designed by BVD
Designed by BVD.

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EAT. Designed by BVD by Packiii 4.5

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