St-Germain Designed by Sandstrom Partners


2013 St Germain Packaging Design Vector Galleries St Germain Designed by Sandstrom Partners

St-Germain Designed by Sandstrom Partners
Description from Designers :

“St-Germain is an artisan French liqueur made from hand-picked wild elderflowers. The picking season is only a few days each spring, so every bottle is individually numbered with that year’s vintage. The bottle shape was created by our client, Robert Cooper, who was inspired by French Art Deco and the eclectic aesthetic of Paris. This remarkable form presented several challenges for labelling. A comprehensive identity system was created, positioning the product between serious French luxury brand status and the everyday accessibility of a Parisian bistro – not unlike the sophistication of St-Germain-des-Pres and the Left Bank.”

Designed by Sandstrom Partners, United States

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