Mollydooker Wine Designed by Mash


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Mollydooker Wine Designed by Mash
Description from Designers :

“Mollydooker, slang for left handed. Both proprietors of the Mollydooker Wines brand are left handed, hence the brand name. The brand identity has been created to go against the grain of the ‘same old’ wine branding approach. The aim was to create visual communication for a brand with its own personality, not just another player in the wine industry.

Reinforcing the brand identity. The aim; to create packaging that in no way reflected any of their competitors, stood out from the crowd and communicated the hands on approach that the wine makers take in producing their wines. The labels were created entirely from hand drawn illustrations, even down to the use of the hand drawn typeface. Not a single font in sight! Inspiration came from antique book patterns and 1930’ish advertising and cartoon illustrations.”

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Designed by Mash, Australia

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