No Frizz Designed by Wolff Olins


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No Frizz Designed by Wolff Olins
Description from Designers :

“Throughout the evolution and conception of No Frizz, Wolff Olins worked closely to shape the brand’s development, working on everything from the brand strategy and name, product naming, service approach, identity, packaging, point-of-sale and communications. The branding firm touched nearly every part of the experience.

“Our involvement with Living Proof is a perfect example of the depth of activity and influence we can have with our clients”, said Todd Simmons, Executive Creative Director at Wolff Olins. “Throughout the entire process, we looked at every possible touch point and worked hand in hand with everyone in the business, even engaging the MIT scientists in our process. We’re absolutely thrilled with the result as it reflects a seamless collaboration.”

“We are just as proud of Living Proof’s commitment to efficacy and the way they treat consumers as we are of the way the packaging turned out or anything else. This is true branding”, continued Simmons.”

Designed by Wolff Olins, United States

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