Heather Ashlee Rosenthal Design (Student Work)


3D Student Work – Heather Ashlee Rosenthal Cardboard Box Packaging Design Images Gallery Heather Ashlee Rosenthal Design (Student Work)

Heather Ashlee Rosenthal Design (Student Work)
Description from Designers :

“This isn’t just any old meat packaging. This is meat packaging for an entirely new process of growing meat, separate from the animal! It might sound crazy but this project is a based on real technology. Be honest, there’s nothing quite like a juicy piece of steak. Homegrown offers eco conscious meat lovers hormone and antibiotic free meat. Thanks to In Vitro technology, you can grow your own meat by nurturing food cells just as you would tend to a garden. The way it works is you extract a cell from a baby animal and keep it in a clean isolated place and nurture it by feeding it appropriate proteins and omega 3′s. You can watch it grow just like you watch plants grow! Each pack includes cartoons with food cells as well a tubes of dissolvable protein tablets, omega 3, and even a growth chart!”

Designed by Heather Ashlee Rosenthal, United States

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