Le Cherche Midi Designed by MPFXDESIGN


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Le Cherche Midi Designed by MPFXDESIGN
Description from Designers :

“The fragrance industry spends a lot of money creating beautiful trash in the form of cardboard boxes that look great on a shelf, but are discarded after purchase.  So when we developed the packaging for our artisanal fragrances, we sought to combine beauty, function, sustainability and reusability.  The result was our signature wooden box with silk lining.

Conceptually, wood fits very well with our brand – conveying our belief in luxury as a passion for quality rather than pure opulence.  Unlike most fragrance packaging, these boxes can also be re-used after purchase – as keepsakes, jewelry boxes, or any other use that our customers can and have come up with.  But perhaps the most surprising feature is that we were able to use discarded shipping pallets, which are normally burned or thrown away, to create unique packaging that is thoughtfully beautiful.  The process was not complex, we simply took the discarded pallets, sanded them down to the usable wood, and then constructed our boxes.

Our fragrances are only identified by color and number, so incorporating the color of each fragrance was very important to the packaging.  Rather than obscure the natural beauty of the wood, we decided to emphasize the color on the interior, selecting silk lining to add a touch of understated refinement.”

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Designed by MPFXDESIGN, Portugal

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