Standard Designed by Artek


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Standard Designed by Artek
Description from Designers :

“The unisex fragrance was created in line with Artek STUDIO’s brief on combining synthetic and natural elements. The final scent was developed by Christian Astuguevieille, perfume creator at Comme des Garçons. The result is a blend of Finnish Labrador Tea, Twinflower Linnea Borealis, metal and rust in the base notes and fennel, ginger, lemon, musk, saffron and cedarwood in the top notes. The visual aesthetics of the STANDARD fragrance were developed to stand along with Artek’s ideology and existing products. In line with Artek’s design ideology, the scent is created with the ambition to nourish physical and emotional wellbeing.”

Designed by Artek & Comme Des Garçon, Finland

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