Tiffany Shih Design (Student Work)


Inspiration Student Work – Tiffany Shih Boxes Package Design Images Tiffany Shih Design (Student Work)

Tiffany Shih Design (Student Work)
Description from Designers :

“This is a concept for a “RePackaging” assignment in which I chose to repackage bras. The packaging was inspired by a KBG commercial in which a young man asks how to tell his girlfriend’s breast size. The answer was to simply relate them to a piece of fruit: “Are they apples, oranges, or grapefruits?”

I thought it was a hilariously cute ad and decided to create a line of bras whose packaging corresponded with the appropriate fruit sizes. A cups are apples and B cups are oranges and etc. Since the concept was very “fruity” in nature, the dingy hangers that lingerie normally came with seemed no longer appropriate as I wanted something light and playful.”

Latest Student Work – Tiffany Shih Package Design Examples Pictures Tiffany Shih Design (Student Work)

Design Student Work – Tiffany Shih Cardboard Box Packaging Design Images Gallery Tiffany Shih Design (Student Work)
Designed by Tiffany Shih, United States

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