Matthew Smiroldo Design (Student Work)


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Matthew Smiroldo Design (Student Work)
Description from Designers :

“All smokers have the problem of forgetting a lighter at the most inconvenient times. Nomad is a brand that I created to solve this problem with a self lighting aspect. The tip of the cigarettes echos the design of a match. When the cigarette is struck against the box it self lights and is ready to smoke. Reinforced by bamboo strips, these non traditional tobacco sticks are strong enough to strike but still have great flavor.

The packaging was created to resemble a matchbook, communicating the self lighting aspect. I wanted the graphics to convey a bohemian and edgy feel. Inspired from old western designs and matchbook covers i developed the nomad design solutions in three flavors.”

Custom Product Student Work – Matthew Smiroldo Package Design Examples Pictures Matthew Smiroldo Design (Student Work)
Designed by Matthew Smiroldo, United States

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